"I doubt we'll see a finer literary debut this year than The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. David Wroblewski's got storytelling talent to burn and a big, generous heart to go with it."
—Richard Russo

Upcoming Event Schedule

June 11

Denver, one day LitFest intensive: First Draft Lab. Here's a short description:

Writing first draft may be the basic creative writing skill, yet it's seldom taught. The premise of this one-day intensive is that in first-drafting, as in practicing athletics or playing a musical instrument, there is such a thing as “good form”, and that pitfalls and limitations arise from improper technique -- especially over the long run.

Resulting problems may only be apparent on those (inevitable) days when you sit down to write feeling unfocused or uninspired and are at a loss for what to do — or maybe you don’t sit down at all. If you already have a bulletproof strategy for such days, you might not want want to be in this session. It’s open to everyone else.

This is a lab, not a class. The day will alternate between discussion of principles and practical experimentation. Arrive ready to write first draft on an active project for 15-30 minute intervals. Bring headphones/earbuds and a laptop or pen and paper. i.e., whatever your first draft tools happen to be. Nothing you write will be read aloud or exchanged — that’s anathema. But we will be discussing all manner of strategies, tactics, and tricks - some of which are pleasingly unsophisticated.


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